Positioning the Clamps for Wood Chair Repair

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Learn the proper clamp positioning when fixing broken wooden furniture, with tips and techniques for repairing your old wooden chairs, in this free DIY video on home improvement. View Video Transcript

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Okay, this is Charles McMahon with Expert Village. The next thing we are going to do is prepare the clamps. Now you can see we’ve got this so that it fits together. We can tap these pieces in with the rubber mallet. You can see that it is pretty stable so this is without glue. So we are going to take this apart and glue it but first we are going to clamp it after we glue it so we are going to have to set up our clamps and be ready to clamp this thing down. We have to see how we are going to do this. I think we will try it perhaps here. Okay, so we will put one clamp there and I think we will put one clamp on the opposite side, same location and that should be good to hold it together after we get the glue on. So now we are ready to put the epoxy on. We will take this thing apart and have the clamps ready on the right spots. Okay.