Arm Brace Back Windsor 18th Century Chairs

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So when collecting 18th century chairs I want to show you another example. This is what you would call a continuous arm Windsor it has a great plank seat on it here. The construction I want to show you on the back how this chair looks the all cut out by hand here it's with the 2 Windsor spindles on the back here for support. You have the continuous arm that runs down the sides of this chair all the way and it has a wonderful look to it. If you look at this chair, the Windsor the arm chair runs all the way down and I want to show you on the ends here this exaggerated turning and it turns in. This chair does have some replacement here, you can see where it was cut in they did a very nice job and it's not unusual you will see that type of replacement happening at times. This doesn't help the chair at all but you can see the nice exaggerated seat here where it bends you can see it it's downward. And look underneath you can see on the construction here where the seats has been hand carved out and you can actually see a lip that goes up underneath side of the chair. It has these exaggerated turnings on here and you can see this is where the chair has had some repair where it's been filled in here, another example to their ware on this turning here. So this is some of things you want to look for when you see a continuous Windsor, the feet has good height to it just has a really nice wonderful look to it. You can see where the tops, where it supports the legs where they're pegged right straight through the chair. You'll see 4 right across the center of the plank seat here so this is a nice kind of example of a Windsor chair. I can show you on the other side where there's been a little repair work done on here on the back. You can see where they filled it and tried to change the color it's pretty honest the way repaired it so those are, you're going to find on these chairs when you collect a lot of them I would say the majority of them are going to have problems. Where they had worked on them or they had some repair on them there not going to be perfect it's very far in between that you're going to find the perfect chair from the 18th century. They are out there but the majority of them had something done to them over the years some are much better than others so this is a really nice example of a continuous arm Windsor from 18th century.