More Ways to Make Extreme Birdhouses

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Bob Olsen from Expert Village. We're gonna show you something made out of a little newer wood and it's just a regular old birdhouse but I thought, well, you know, I liked it and I put the little birdhouse on the back, put my name back there on it. I did something a little different here. I made a dentist and a barber's office out of this, barber shop and it says here to leave your guns outside and I made a barber's pole. And also a pain killer, if you can see that, it's a pain killer, on request and it's a mallet, in case you, and the teeth are a dollar and a haircut is only twenty-five cents. So, this was just kind of a fun thing I played around with making, but also, another thing, I'll show you another one of these old ones I kind of liked. I put the birdhouse on the front of this here one; put a chair and a pot here. See what I mean about an old piece of wood? Just take an old piece of wood, put it in there and it makes it kind of attractive. Now one other thing that I do do is, I made this one out of fairly new wood. I kind of finished it off. My wife painted it. And she painted, she likes hummingbirds so she painted humming, but this is actually a bank, it's not a birdhouse. So what it is, it's an old post office cover that we got off the old Tokerville Post Office years ago and I used that, I gave all of these similar to this to the kids for a bank but I did make one out of old barn wood also. Got the slot for the money, got the place for the bird to perch and it's got the bank cover on it. It's got the combination on it, you turn it to the combination, you open it up and you can get your kid's money out of there.