How to Repel Spiders Outdoors

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Repelling spiders from outdoor living areas involves keeping bouquets of eucalyptus sprigs, getting rid of spider webs around the patio and sprinkling strong-smelling spices around the perimeter. Get rid of spiders from living areas, but encourage them... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this section we are going to talk about how to repel spiders outdoors. Now if you've got spiders outdoors that means that you've got a really healthy garden and that you've got a really healthy area. Cause spiders are good bugs, they eat all the bad bugs like the aphids, and the ants and all the other mosquitoes that are becoming problems for you. So to have spiders is not a bad thing, but they can be poisonous and they can be very distracting. So there's a lot of different types of herbs that you can use to repel spiders so you can control your whole property, but if you are having a dinner party or you are having guests in a certain area, there's a few things that you can use to repel spiders. First of all spiders don't like eucalyptus at all, so either you have bouquets with eucalyptus cinnabar, just put eucalyptus around the food or in seeding areas or anywhere where you think there are spiders, eucalyptus works really well. The same with lavender, they don't like the fragrance of lavenders, so if you put little lavender, dried lavender around the house or any other areas, that works really well too. Citrus works too. Spiders don't like citrus at all. And the same thing when I'm working outside too, I try to avoid the spiderweb but they are everywhere. So when I am walking around too I try to if I am going to an area I haven't been in a while, just start with a stick and just wave the stick around so the stick will catch all the spider webs and you'll find that the spiders won't get over you as much as well. But really there's no way to get rid of all of them because they are going to be everywhere, so by using spices like cayenne pepper and curry powder and any type of red hot chili pepper, Tabasco too if they are coming into a certain area. If you sprinkle that, that seems to help. To protect yourself to if you put any type of oil on your body whether it's olive oil or vegetable oil, if you are outside where's there a lot of spiders too, they might jump on you but the also they're not going to bite you, especially if you got lavender oil or any type of herb with it and that seems to repel them really well. So spiders are a good thing, but you can still set boundaries for them.