How to Seal a Barometer

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Sealing a jar for a homemade barometer. Learn how to make a barometer for measuring air pressure in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Gary for Expert Village. Now, we're going to seal the jar even more by wrapping around a string around the mouth of the jar, making sure the string is covering the balloon area. This will help us make sure that even though that the elasticity of the balloon is giving us a nice tight air locked jar, we want to put the string. This is kind of like a little bit of insurance. You just take a regular string that can give you a nice seal around the mouth of the jar and tie it. Then afterwards, we'll take the pipe cleaner and we're going to use that to put another seal around the jar. Again, it's pretty much a safe measure. The pipe cleaner is good because you can really twist it very, very tight and it gives us a nice really tight seal. Together with the string, the jar should be pretty airtight.