Casting Bench Leg Molds for a Concrete Bench

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Cast a bench leg mold for a concrete garden bench by dusting off any old concrete from previous molds. Learn how to cast bench leg molds to make a concrete garden bench in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Farouk Ramadan

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Now we are going to cast the concrete bench leg. So start with the mold, this mold here has been used before so you see a little bit of concrete present on it. Again as we did with the seat, dust it a little bit, that's it, not much. I'm using here an old bag as a filler because the leg is not even in size so I'm going to set it on this one. We will go ahead and scoop concrete in the center an shake it and let it drop down, more, shake it, a little bit more and now it is filling up, a little bit more, more concrete, keep filling. Now you see this side here is getting a little bit low so we have to be sure and stay parallel so be sure it will stay parallel and we will start cleaning up the wheelbarrow. It looks like an 80 pound bag will make a full seat and one leg. Again tap it a little bit and smooth it out. This looks good. It is nicely parallel, see. Good. Now it is ready to sit down for another 24 hours and we will unmold it tomorrow.