How a Sprinkler Head Works

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Hi I'm Fernando with Expert Village going over how a sprinkler head actually works and as you can see this sprinkler is connected to the pvc piping. When the pressure comes from the valve which is the water rushes in and fills up the piping it then goes through the riser and up to your sprinkler head. Inside each different type of sprinkler head is a different mechanism which would determine what type of head it is whether it is a rotating, a stationary and the type of spray the actual head is going to have. So how this whole sprinkler system works is basically off of pressure. Pressure from the valve, pressure going through the pipes throughout the whole line and the key to any of this and the setup for each sprinkler head is again the planning. You must plan ahead of time to go ahead and maximize creating this beautiful lawn and keeping it beautiful for years to come. I'm Fernando and you are here with Expert Village.