Roofs & Pressure Washing Your House

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Pressure wash the roof of your house, avoid big hardware, learn about shingles, and safety tips in this free pressure washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Grady Johnson and I'm a professional painter and today I represent Okay, now we're going to talk about pressure washing a roof. Now, whenever you pressure wash a roof you want to watch out for any electrical wires, big hardware that you can bump into, well all the loose stuff under your feet. Especially when you're working on the pitch part of the roof, that can throw you right off the roof or electrocute you. Now, this is a normal shingle roof, part of it is pitch and part of it is flat, so you want to work it from the top and work your way down, always work the stuff away from you. Now remember with shingles you don't want to get too close on them, if you get too close on shingles they're going to fly off, then you got roof repair. All you want to do is kind of take the debris off and wash it down a little, so just kind of work the debris and then channel it away from you. So work this debris away from you and channel it on away and remember when you're on a roof be aware of where your feet are. Because if you fall, you're going to fall a lot further than just hitting the ground. Now the way to work with the pressure washer is to start with the top and start bringing it down and you will find little gullies that are full of trash. So you work it something like this and you notice I'm starting at the top and I'm bringing everything down. Now once that's done I want to go ahead and just sort of work this other stuff over. Okay, that's a lot of work to do, I'm going to go ahead and shovel it all off with the pressure washer, but this is the basic technique for pressure washing a roof.