Tips for Dividing Hostas - Part 2

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OK, what we're gonna do is we're still examining the root system here and this has got multiple stalks and multiple plants in here and sometimes you have to work a little bit more delicately with your hands. You need to, some plants are easier to pull away with your hands but I'm still gonna use my knife here and make a few more incisions into the middle of this plant because I want to get the most out of it as possible. I want to get as many number of plants out from my hosta as I possibly can so I can create a new little circular bed in another area. So, what I'm doing, I've made another little incision right down the middle and you can see here as I've dissected it again that I have actually 2, actually 3 whole plants here. So, what I'm gonna do with my hands is, here again, I'm just gonna try to break away some of this soil, and just very gently wiggle it back and forth and twist it and try to get it unknitted from it's partner. You can see, this root is laying over this half and this root is going right down into the middle of this plant. There's actually four here. So, there, there's one. Sometimes you've got to use some force. Earthworms are always good to have in there, the earthworm's quick casting always helps provide a natural organic fertilizer to the plant. So, here's two here. This is a small one, if I really wanted to, I didn't get quite as much off of that and I'd say that if this did happen, and you broke off a little piece like that and you didn't really get as much root hairs as you can see on this one, this would probably not really survive and not really make a planting. You can certainly try it because there is a few little babies on there. I would maybe trim off the rest of these leaves if you really need to salvage every little part of your plant, but all in all, it's best if you get as much root on there as possible. This is a very good example here of the main plant being trimmed back and the one leaf being cut in half and a substantial root mass on there. You want to keep you roots from being exposed to air and sun, but we have them out right now just for demonstration purposes. I'll get this into some water right away.