How to Make a Birdhouse Roof

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This is Bob Olsen for Expert Village. We're going to take, now we've got part of the birdhouse, sidewalls and the front and the back done, so you've got to determine which end you want. We put a splice in the back or the front whatever you want to call it. So, we'll put that on the back. So what we'll do is we'll glue the bottom of it and put..... then we'll kind of center it on there so it's fairly straight. Then, we'll put some staples on it or some brad nails. Mainly the reason for this is like I say to hold it in place until you can put some screws in it. Ok now we've got a front plate here and we've got a slant for the roof. Now we've got to do is find something that will work for the roof. Now this is new wood and I would never use it for a roof. And there's an easy way to do a roof on this here. We could find a piece of wood that’s about 8". This is 6 3/4, what you want is an 8 or and 8 1/2 or even more for an overhang on the front and the back. More for the front than the back and I'll show you how to do that we're going to find a piece of wood that is about that size. Let me look around here. This is a pretty rustic piece of wood. We can put it (static). We can cut the rustic part out or change it. All we need to do is mark it here and I'll show you another trick on this. We'll do two of them because we're going to make two sides of the roof. Ok, now were going to put the roof on like this or like this. Well if we put it on like this the easy way is to put it on like this. What we have to do here is to make them come out even. If we want to 45 it, it would come out nice, but it’s a lot of extra work and unless you've got a lot of nice equipment. I'll show you how to do it the easy way. We'll just cut off this much of it. The width of this here and I'll show you how to do this on the next segment.