Growing Orchids in Aquatic Conditions

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Aquatic conditions can provide just the right atmosphere for some orchids. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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"These other locations for Orchids to grow is in water. Now one of the most common Orchids that grows in water comes from South Africa requires extremely pure water, usually rain water falling on the high mountains, as they do on the Cape of Good Hope and growing in the marshes along stream beds. Now we sort of give credence to that by they way we can grow Orchids in the greenhouse if were so inclined. And that is to grow them hydroponically. Hydroponically, we would take something like volcanic rock or you can even get clay that is sifted into round pebbles like a marble. They will hold a fair amount of water, but at the same time allows the water and nutrients to move freely through the medium, and as a consequence you can grow aquatic plants similar to the ones in nature, and the best example of that again is the Disa's of the Cape of Good Hope."