How to Drill a Door for a Birdhouse

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Learn how to drill a hole in a birdhouse to make a birdhouse door for the birds in this free video. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bob Olsen from Expert Village and we're going to go ahead and put the hole in the front for the birds. We're going to put about an 1 1/2" hole in the front, and you can put any size hole that you want, and the different size hole calls for the different birds. So we'll go ahead and drill this over here and I've got this drill here, which is a 1 1/2" right now, and you want to pick out pretty close to the center of it. Try to get away from as many knots as you can cause this is old wood, like I said. When you're drilling into this old wood, sometimes you run into a knot and it's very difficult to get through. But you see we got a pretty nice hole there right now. I like decorate the front of it in any way you want. If you got an old branch that you want to get rid of or an old piece of wood. I can't use this wood because it's a piece of iron wood. But I have some that you take an old branch and you just put it on the front of here. And just kind of decorate it up a little bit. It makes it look a little more unique. So the next segment I think we'll go ahead and screw this together and so it won't come apart. We'll get the screws and predrilled it and I'll show you on the next segment.