How to Attach a Chimney to a Birdhouse

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Hi, I'm Bob Olson from Expert Village. We are talking about the chimney. We took and drilled a big hole in it so it looks like the smoke ought to come out. Then we gotta finish the hole with another smaller drill. So we get the smaller drill and we drill right down through the middle. Gotta make it a little bit longer. Whats this is for is so we run the screw down through there and we try not to split it. So we put the screw in there now. Then we are going to go over here and we are going to put the glue it on and decide where you want, where the bird wants the chimney. So if the bird wants it in the back or in the front or in the top, I don't know I think we will put this one up towards the top. Gonna take the screw gun. Thats good and tight. What I like to do also is put a couple brads in the side to make sure it doesn't move. They don't show by the way. Now when we get through with this here we got all of this done here. Now I think the next thing we ought to do is figure out what kind of a bird we are gonna put in it or what kind of bird wants to stay in it. Now each bird house has a, smaller the hole the smaller the bird. Like little Finches they'll go in through 1 1/4 inch hole and the bigger wrens go into a 1 1/2 inch hole and so on. There is things you can get at the library that will tell you which size hole goes with which size bird. I have a list of them in the house. I didn't bring it out here, but we will go ahead and put a 1 1/2 inch hole in this here or 1 1/4 hole and so the birds will know this is their home. Then we will go ahead after that and start screwing it back together and making it nice and tight.