How to Pick Puschkinia Bulbs

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Puschkinia lieba notuca is one of the most beautiful flowers you can have in your garden. They're short blue and they're the soft periwinkle blue. They almost have little stripes on them and they are just beautiful in garden. That soft blue really stands out in the winter. They're fragrant, too, so one they're one of the most beautiful fragrant flowers you can have in your yard and they multiply very quickly. They are just a small little bulb and I found small bulbs generally multiply quickly. You plant them in sand or part shade in groups of six to twelve generally. I like them pretty crowded. So, when I'm planting them, I only plant them in a pot, maybe two, three inches deep or in the ground three inches deep or so and I like to have groups, like I said, of six to ten. I like to pack my pots, so I have the most visual impact. So, I plant them now, it's January, and they're going to be blooming in about four to six weeks. I can't wait to smell the beautiful intoxicating fragrance. Next, we'll come back with everyone's favorite, tulips.