Understand Moisture & Wilting in Orchids

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Orchids react highly to moisture and wilting. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Where we have the very big pseudo bulb that we can see the moisture storage tissue in the pseudo bulb is very obvious. The spongy inner center of that is where large quantities of water will be stored. As the pseudo bulbs get older and fall further behind the growth point, they begin shriveling because they can no longer function as water storage structures. Or they don?t need to. Now when we don't have a pseudo bulb as we do in this small plant of phalaenopsis. When we look at the leaf and we cut a section across the surface of the leaf, we find that the leaf itself now becomes thick and spongy. As we look at it that becomes this water storage structure. These plants will not go as long without water as the ones with the large pseudo bulbs. They need to get watered more frequently.