Wands & Tips When Pressure Washing Your House

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Learn about tips and wands to use for pressure washing and how they work and locking wands in this free pressure washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Grady Johnson and I'm a professional painter and today I represent expertvillage.com. Now, I'd like to talk a little bit about the wands and the tips you're going to need for pressure washing. Now, when you're getting a wand, you will find that it looks a little bit like a gun, okay. It has a trigger on it and a handle and it has about something like usually around 3 to 4 foot extension on it. Now these handles work just like a gun, you pull the trigger and you get your pressure and a lot of them do have locks on them, kind of like what you find at your gas station pump. Now, if you put that lock on there, be sure you take it off or you set it down or you're going to have water going everywhere and that can get kind of ugly. Now you'll see here this little rubber strip gives you a little bit of grip, sometimes these are halfway, sometimes all the way. I do recommend you use that, because that is what gives you that grip and the coupling you're going to recognize it's very similar to what's on the pressure hose. Actually it's the exact same coupling and this is what we put the tip into. Now, look here, you see that o-ring is in place, that little steel ring. Always check that whenever you rent or buy a unit, be sure that's in place or it's not going to hold back the pressure. Go ahead and check that out, make sure it works and put a tip on there. Now, I use the yellow tip first, it's my main one and I just pop that into place, you need to put pressure on the top and pull that up, that's what is going to make it pop. Once that's locked in, then you're ready to work, now you will find extensions for wands too, that's another 4 to 5 foot section you can put on here and then you put the tip on the end of that. I don't like to use an extension unless there is no other way for me to reach it, just because you do loose some pressure when you do that. Now, there are several types of tips here that we do want to work with and I want to go over a little bit about what they're for. This yellow one is use for the basic work, it has a nice white fin and does a pretty size area. But I will find if I need a sharper cut and I have some tough work, I'll get into the white one a little bit. Also you will see this green one is a needle nose, that's when it's a really tough cut and I really need to dig something out, I'll use my needle nose which gives me ultimate pressure. Finally you'll see this black tip here that has a very big hole in the end of it, that's because it's designed to suck up the chlorine through the stinger. Only use this black tip with the big hole on it if you want to pour chlorine into the job and we'll go over that later in this series. Well these are all the tips and the types of wands that you need to pressure wash your house.