How to Grow Orchids on Osmundine

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Osmundine can be a fertile ground for growing orchids. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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The classis potting medium as been osmondine we don't use it the way they did in previous years we are more judicious in the way we apply it and what we try and do is we try and cut up chunks of the osmodine and we try and use to go in line with the grain of the osmodine. Now what is osmodine? Osmondine is the root of a fern native to North America and most of the osmodine used in agriculture today comes from the Oki fenoki collected by some of the Indians that lived there as a means as a means of sustained agriculture they go in a collect the roots and harvest them, dry them and sell them. If we pot plants in osmondine we do it so that the grain of the osmondine allows the water to flow through and even to accelerate it even a little more we use open baskets.