Gazebo Building Materials: Part 2

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Find materials for building a gazebo, learn about firing strips, cloth rags, rubber gloves and hardware in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Now move on to the 4x4 8 foot post. Now this is pretty self-explanatory. Come on down here. We have 8 corners with a post on each corner so that gives us 8 posts. Now we will go to the firing strips. Now the firing strips attach to either side of the post and after all the math, it comes out to 9 firing strips but we are going to overshoot on that and go with another 12. We move on to our 4 ft by 8 ft. by half inch thick sheets of plywood. Now we are going to need 2 of these because we need to make our 6 ft by 6 ft square. Then down to the lattice. These are the 4 ft. by 8 ft. a half inch thick lattice. We know that the lattice is going to go on these 34 inch sides, these 2 ft. sides and only 4 foot up on these other sides. So what we are going to go ahead and do and on the roof so that equals out to 4 pieces but we are going to overshoot again and we are going to go and go with 5 that way we make sure we have enough of everything that we need. So that is pretty much all the lumber we are going to need right there. Now to the hardware. We are going to go ahead and need some screws. I would suggest a 1 5/8 because all you are really going to be screwing into is your plywood which is only half an inch thick and your lattice which is only 1/2 inch thick. So 1 5/8 should be plenty to get through that material and into the 2x4's to make sure that it is good and tight. So we are going to say 1 box. But of course we are going to overshoot. We are going to change that 1 box to 2 and then we are going to need a box of actual cloth rags, not paper towels. Paper towels like to shred on wood and then you have little fuzzies all over it. It's really no good. So we are going to get some cloth towels and we are going to get a box of rubber gloves. Rubber gloves is for the stain when you are applying it. You don't want to get that all over our fingers. It gets really messy. Last but not least we are going to need our shopping buddy. So I am going to bring on Richard with us which he will meet us in a couple of minutes just to help us during the construction process.