Pressure Washing Brush Strokes

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Watch as a seasoned professional demonstrates the correct brush stroke to use for pressure washing in this free online video about home maintenance. View Video Transcript

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In this clip we're going to talk about the motion that you use to pressure wash. You mostly want to use like a brushing motion to try and peel away, strip away some of the rough stuff. As you look at the cone, of the pressure washer, you can see it's a triangle. You want to use that triangle; you've got to find the area where you can start peeling away, some of the grime. Like here's this black spot here, you can just peel it away the closer you get. We're going to get some cleaner and put a little cleaner on there, to help peel away this process a little easier. If it doesn't come off first with water, then you want to go to some cleaners. I'll go close it!