Bleaching when Pressure Washing Your House

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Use a bleach stinger on a pressure washer, learn about the chlorine siphon pump, mix bleach and water, and using the right tips in this free pressure washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Grady Johnson and I'm a professional painter, and today I'm representing Now I'm going to talk a little bit how to use the chlorine bleach syphon pump on the pressure washer. Whenever you're pressure washing sidewalks and you don't have to worry about plant life, you want to use bleach. Bleach will hit that concrete and bring it back and bring it back nice and bright. To do that you're going to want to use the bleach stinger on your pressure washer. Now, if you don't have this particular item when you rent it, it should have been there and they need to give it to you. A lot of times they won't include it because not everybody uses it, so be sure you have it. What you're going to want to do is just check out and make sure that that's all clear so that it can draw the chlorine bleach once you put that in there. You're going to go ahead and fill up a 5 gallon bucket with about a half gallon of water and then go ahead and pour in your bleach. Go ahead and pour that all in and mix it all up. Once you have that all poured in, then you want to go ahead and stick your stinger down in there. You can use straight bleach too depending on how badly you want this to be. So you put the stinger in there and then you're ready to work. Once you've got that setup, just go ahead and setup your pressure washer. Once you get the pressure washer going, you're going to want to use this particular tip right here. You can see this tip right here has the very largest hole of all of them and that allows the syphon pump action to work. What that large hole does is allow it to do the syphoning pump action that will pull the chlorine on through the wand. Now, it's not about pressure with chlorine. Just get the chlorine on your surface and then go ahead and go over it with a regular tip to finish the work. This is the kind of tip you want to do to make the syphon pump work. This is how you use the syphon hoes on your pressure washer.