Picking House Plant Pots

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Hi! I'm Austin Shepard here with Expert Village. I am here today to talk to you about choosing the right pot for your plant. When you first get your plant, it is most likely they will come in this green little plastic cup. It is okay to leave it in there for a while but when they start to grow and flourish, you really want to choose a different pot for them. For a plant this size, I would probably go with a 4 inch pot. It is about the same size as the pot that it came in. Because it is a ceramic pot, it is going to give you more circulation of water. This plant isn't really, I don't think big enough to go into this pot yet so in the meantime, I just put it in there like that. When I water it, the water is going to right down to the bottom and collect right here at the bottom of the plant jar so you may want to get a pot that has one of these little water catchers or you can get a pot like this. This type of pot does not have any sort of drainage hole in the bottom so you need to have plants in there that stay in very moist soil. Or if you don't water plants that often and they are indoor plants, remember you only need to water them about maybe once a week because when a plant is indoors it is not warm enough for the water to evaporate a quickly as it does when it is an outdoor plant. If you are growing an indoor plant and you don't like the look of clay or ceramic pots indoors, think about glass. You could take something like a plant bulb and grow it into a glass container, just fill it with water and look what happens, the roots grow down into the water and the plant grows up into a flower.