How to Make a Chimney for a Birdhouse

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Ok I?m Bob Olsen from Expert Village and we?ve got the roof on were about ready to do some other things to it. Maybe drill a hole in the front but what I like to do is make it look like a house. And you can take a piece of square wood and cut it on a 45. This happens to be a piece of oak but you know you can put a chimney on, or back here. Do anything you want. But I like to do something a little bit different to this one. I found this gold piece of wood out in the back yard that they used for a stake for something but I want to cut it on a 45 and see if we can make a chimney out of it, make it a little different. So being cut on a 45 like this, it looks like a round chimney. I like that a little bit better. And if a person wanted to he can drill a hole in here and burn it. And maybe we'll go ahead here and do that. We'll put in the vice here, and we'll just take a drill. And drill down right to the middle of it. I use two kinds of drills, I use one that's power and I use a battery operated one. So we'll stick this in the middle. We'll drill down quite a ways on it. So we got a hole in the middle, now it looks like a real chimney. Now we can put it on there. But i found out one thing when your doing this it you drill straight down through and put a screw down through the middle, it holds a lot better. Now we'll do this in the next segment.