Gazebo Tools & Safety Tips

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Tools and safety tips for building a gazebo, using a measuring tape, pencil, pen, speedsquare, circular saw and screw gun in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village. My name is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Now let's go over the tools that we are going to need for this project. The frist thing we are going to need is a measuring tape, pencil and a pen. Now our measuring tape we will measure in inches and it will tell us where our feet are. And the pen and the pencil are pretty much to just mark our lines for our chalk lines. Next we are going to go ahead and have a speed square. Now as we went over before, the speed square we have measurements on here, we can draw our straight line and on the other side here, we can find our angles that we need to cut at. That is pretty much the basics of a speed square. Then let's go over the bits on our screw gun that we are going to need. We are going to need a Phillips, a Phillips head bit and this is for the screw. You want to make sure when they don't come in together, that they are nice and tight. This way if they are too small or too big it doesn't strip the screw or ruin your bit. Now we are going to need a drill bit and how we test our what size we need, is we put them together and you want one just a little bit smaller than the screw that way it still catches the wood. Then our screw gun. This is what our bits are going into. Now on the top here you see it has a high 1 torque; that's this torque and that one is for speed. We are going to be mainly using torque on this project just because we are going to have to drive those screws into the wood. Okay next our circular saw. Now this is our circular saw. Right here is the guard and on the back side here is how we make our adjustments. We pull this out and this actually moves up and down. Now when we are cutting our wood, we always want to make sure we are getting the depth of our wood right so that we don't have to double cut it and how we do that is we stick our wood with the tool unplugged of course, right next to it adjust our depth so that the blade is sticking maybe a 16th to 1/8 inch out from under it. That way we make sure we cut all the way through our wood. Okay then come our saw houses. Saw horses are mainly so that we can have this up in the air and so that we are not throwing out our back sitting on the ground cutting everything. So we like to put as much wood as we can on these saw horses and use these for our cuts.