Learn About Dendrobium Orchids in Warm Jungle

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Understand Dendrobium Orchids that grow in warm jungles and under unique conditions. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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WILLIAM HUTCHINSON: A Dendrobium that grow in the tropics exhibit an under of varieties and variations that are unique depending on the seasonality of the region they grow in. One of the Dendrobium, the nobility form, very, very typically will stop dropping all its leaves as it goes into a dry period. And usually, new orchid growers, I get all kinds of frantic phone calls, "My plant's dying. The leaves are falling off." And I ask them what the orchid is and then they tell me and I said, "No, it's just getting ready to blossom." And just be a little more cautious. Don't give it so much water, because instead of flowers, you'll get a little structure known as a "Keiki." Keiki is a rather interesting thing, which is a small, already rooted little shoot that comes off the plants and I have a friend that tells me I pronounced it as annoying one though and it's actually "Keiki." It means Hawaiian for little child.