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Find materials for building a gazebo, using plywood and 2x4's and having extra materials when building a gazebo in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village. My name is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Okay now it is time to come up with our materials list. So we know that we are going to need 2 x 4's at 8 foot lengths, 4 x 4's at 8 foot lengths, 1 x 2 firing strips at 8 foot lengths, 4 x 8 by 1/2 inch sheet of plywood and 4 x 8 lattices so no one has figured out exactly how many of these we need. We will go ahead and start with the 2 x 4's. Now we know that this is the underside of our base. All these are 2 x 4's. These sides are at 34 inches, these sides are at 24 inches and all 4 of these are at 69 inches. Then we also got to remember that for our roof frame it is the same as our outer perimeter of our base. So we are going to go ahead and do the math on this. We are going to take our 34 inches first, 4 inches. Now we are going to need 8 of these. Four for the bottom, 4 for the top, so we are going to multiply those by 8 and we will get 272. Then we are going to take our 2 foot ones and remember we need that for the roof too, so we are going to do 24 times 8 and equal 192. Since we don't need to do this framework on the roof, this is just going to be 69 inches times 4 which is going to equal out to 276. Now we are going to add all of these together which will give us 740. Now that is 740 inches so we are going to take that 740 and we are going to divide that by 12 and what we are going to end up with is 7.7 so pretty much 8. So that is telling us we need 8 length of 2 x 4's. So what we want to do is over shoot a little bit. It is always best to have extra material to take back to lumberyard than having to stop in the middle of the project and go to lumberyard to get more material. So since we need, I am going to add 4 more pieces pending on our cuts and everything, so we are going to end up with 12. We are going with just 12 2 x 4's.