How to Make a Barometer Measuring Chart

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A measuring chart will help to make a homemade barometer accurate. Learn how to make a barometer for measuring air pressure in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Gary for Expert Village. Now we're going to prepare the poster board which will, which will be a reference for the straw which is going to be our needle. It's going to be pointing to this poster board and what we need to do is to fold the poster board into three and that is because it is going to be sitting flat onto the table so we make it into the triangular shape where it will have it's kind of like a stand. And the poster board will be able to be on the table the edges will come together where so you can just take a nice wide piece of tape, clear tape, and just put it right over the top and here you'll have a nice stand for the, for the straw or the needle to act as the, as the needle of gauging the air pressure. So now that that's standing we can go ahead and use, we need to place some markings onto the poster board so we know exactly what type of weather conditions we're going to expect.