Hoop House Farming: Picking Crops

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It is important as a farmer to correctly pick crops as to not damage the plant, fruit or vegetable picked. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with tips from an experienced farmer in this free video. View Video Transcript

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So here's the good part, here's when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. We're going to pick some salad greens here. And I'm going to show you a technique that involves, not so much taking the whole heads, but selectively pruning the areas that are thick, the outer leaves of the spinach, outer leaves of the lettuce. And what I'm doing is, I'm contributing to a rolling harvest, because these plants are like little factories, and if you don't harvest the whole plant, they will continue to in many instances to push out beautiful edible food for a while. And now you see there's some other considerations in my harvesting scheme, this is a pole bean, and I want to have this pole bean have preeminence in this area, which leads me to be very aggressive about taking this leaf, and this leaf, and this leaf, and this leaf, and even these scallion tops, and this leaf, and so I harvest a whole bowl of salad, without hardly making a dent in the supply, plus I'm pruning the area to make way for the next crop in our succession of food.