How to Breed Multigeneric Orchids

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Breeding, growing and caring for Multigeneric Orchids is discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Multi-generic is one of the way breeding has gone today, in that it allows you to combine a diversity of form, color, size, texture and perfume. Not all of our orchids are fragrant, probably about 10 percent, but you can use it to breed into the lines, sometimes. Although many orchids are reluctant to take on color or fragrance in the breeding line. Sometimes you get just the opposite of what you expect. But it is possible in the cattle alliance to go across at least eight different genera and get a breeding line that will give you a reduced size which is ideal for a window sill grower. A large flower which is not too overwhelming for the plant it?s produced. Occasionally you luck out and you get fragrance coupled with all of the above.