How to Find the Perfect Tulip Bulbs

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, on behalf of Expert Village. Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers you can have in your garden. They have a very exciting history and come in many, many colors. Tulips are generally native to the Middle East. They are found in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, parts of Southern Europe and they have made their way around the world since early 1600's when they were found in Turkey. Tulip bulbs are easy to identify. They just look like a little hershey's kiss candy. They have a tippy side that goes up and a bottom side and as you can see on this one, it has a little bit of a baby forming on it, which is always a good thing. That means that you've got two plants eventually. And when you plant them, you just plant them about three inches deep in your garden or you can plant them in pots. I like to do groups of at least three or more in one pot. And since they are a little bit bigger bulb, I would go a little bit farther down, at least three inches. So, when you're digging them up, go down about three inches deep, and I like to do at least three or more in any one group, because they get lonely when they are by themselves, and it's always easy to even plant other bulbs, like kiona dacsus or puschkinias, smaller bulbs, in with them. So, those will bloom a little bit earlier and then that pot is going to be beautiful for about three months. Next we'll talk a little more about tulips and the different varieties.