Storing a Pressure Washer

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In this clip we're going to be talk about breaking down the equipment. It's always important. We're done with our job right here, we need to relocate the pressure washer. It's important, first thing you shut the actual machine off give it a chance to cool. Then shut the water off at the house, but before you disconnect the water line, it's very important to always pull the trigger of the pressure washer to amain what is in the line and in the system. It's more or less to purge the system so it's clean. If you tried to disconnect these high pressure coupler's right here without doing that you would never get it disconnected. So that's very important that when you go to break down the equipment, remind yourself to make sure you pull the trigger on this before you start disconnecting the coupler. Even the water to the house. Since I already shut the water off at the house, this is going to drain out of here in just a matter of minutes. So we'll get this system purge, we'll be disconnecting. First we'll try to disconnect the water then we'll go to the high pressure hose once it gets a little bit less pressure, less water coming out of the nozzle. When it begins to slow down you know the system's basically cleaned out. Start with the water, just like what I said, here's the water, disconnecting the water.