How to Determine the Names of Multigeneric Orchids

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Determining the names of Multigeneric Orchids is essential. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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A number of the multi-generics get so complicated even that you produce gorgeous colors and reduced size as we have in this one that was hybridized by a friend of mine. It should be in flower very shortly. We eventually reach the point where so many genera have been involved in the breeding that the old name of putting the initials after it no longer works. So we begin inventing names a process called developing a Notho- genus. Notho- genus simply means a new genus made sometimes without very little sense or meaning. It is easy to tell if it is a Notho- genus because the rule requires that all Notho- genera end in "ara." This particular one is a wanagara, ending in ara, and it's a cross between five different genera.