How to Pick Chionodoxa Bulbs

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Hi, this is Yolanda Van Veen on behalf of Expert Village. One of the earliest plants to bloom in your garden is Chionodoxa is one of the most beautiful flowers in your garden. It is native to the Middle East, Turkey, and Southern Europe. They call it, "glory of the snow", because it is one of the first to bloom, and in colder climates it will come right out of the snow, sometimes as early as the beginning of February. They are just a tiny, tiny little bulb, and in my experience the tinier the bulb the quicker they multiply. So you will get a big group of them quite quickly. They are such a tiny bulb, the top looks hershey's kiss candy, so the point is the top and when in doubt go sideways, but with these little bulbs it doesn't really matter which way you plant them they will work their way up. When planting them in a container I like to have alot together, so there is a big visual impact. So, I'll plant as much as 10 or 12 in the little pots. I only plant them one to two to three inches deep not very deep at all in pots. In the ground I usually plant them up to three inches deep. Chionodoxa loves sun or part shade, and they are pretty reliable bloomers coming back every year, you can force them inside in the winter, or you can leave them outside and enjoy them every spring for years to come.