How to Grow Angel Wing Begonias

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Angel wing begonias, which get their name from the shape of their leaves, can get very tall and their stalks will look somewhat like bamboo. Grow angel wing begonias by giving it a water soluble fertilizer with tips from an experienced gardener in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jessica Smith and I work for Blands Nursery in West Jordan Utah, and today we're talking all about bulbs. Right now we're go to discuss an Angel Wing begonia. End of the season here, I don't have any to actually give you a visual. But the Angel Wing begonia, also know as like a Cane begonia, because they can get really, really tall, and the stalks on them will mimic like a bamboo or so. Kind of give you that knotty look down through it. And it also gets it's name from it's leaves, looks like little angel wings. Little flower clusters will hang down, in pinks and reds and whites, and bi-colors. Now the Angel Wing begonia works well as a house plant, it's not one that you can enjoy this one year round. Outdoors is an annual or indoors as a house plant. Very similar to just like any other house plant. It likes to be kept in an area with good light and air flow. Don't put it right against a southern or western window though, because the leaves can actually burn and curl. So nice lighted area, not too dark, and what you want to do is feed it throughout the active season. You want to feed it a nice water soluble fertilizer, about every four to six weeks or so. Throughout the winter months it's actually inactive so you don't want to fertilize more than a couple of times and you're going to cut back a little bit on your watering. For the most part it's not bothered by a whole lot of pest, sometimes white fly or scale or aphid may bother it. Make sure you let though dry out in between watering also, you don't want to rot it, you don't want to encourage fungus gnats, and you don't want to encourage any types of a fungal or mildew problems.