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WILLIAM HUTCHINSON: Encyclia, one of the groups which was split off very early from the Epidendrum, has a much more shortened form than the large reed type. They will have a fairly good pseudobulb. And the flower, if you will look closely at them, is often times called the upside down orchid. Because the lip, instead of hanging down, as it does in most of the other orchids, points up. And therefore, it's sometimes it is called by people that really don't know it, is simply the upside down orchid. It is like it hasn't got its act together and it hasn't an audience to turn around the way it is supposed to. This particular Encyclia is extremely fragrant and has been used in a few cases for breeding. And I have over here, a seed pod from one cross that I made, where you can see the Encyclia being cross to another species of Encyclia with the idea of seeing if we can pass the fragrance from one species to another.