How to Put Together a Birdhouse

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This is Bob Olsen for Expert Village. We put the holes in; we talked about tightening up the thing with the screws. Now what we want to do is pre-drill most of this stuff so it doesn't split apart. So what we do is just get a small drill with a dimple in it and we go ahead and drill a few places. I like to use just my hand drill because it is so much easier than dragging out an electric one all the time. We want to make sure we get enough screws in it and if you use a graver screws, sheet rock screws work very well but it really holds it together a lot better. So what you do is just go around and drill a few holes here and there. Mainly hold it together because we don't want it to come apart. These birdhouses, the wood has already been aged by many, many years. So what we go ahead and do is put the screw thing on there, grab some screws over here. I like to use an inch and a half screw. The older wood is just about an inch thick anyways. If you notice that probably sucked it in a little bit. Four or five screws in the bottom is all you really need. By pre-drilling it, you don't really need to worry about the wood splitting because it is such old wood so we will go ahead and finish this part up. Then we will be ready to show you how to pretty well come to a finish on this thing. We are going to put a little dressing on the front there and we will figure that out on the next segment.