Emptying the Dirty Water from a Carpet Steam Cleaner

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Learn how to empty the dirty water from the Rug Doctor to steam clean your carpet in this free DIY video introduction to carpet cleaning with a Rug Doctor. View Video Transcript

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Diana Bacon

Video Transcript

Hi! This is Diana for Expert Village.com and now we have steam cleaned our whole carpet and looks beautiful and we have to dump out the dirty water. Now for this size carpet about 200 square feet, we had to refill our hot water and soap about 4 times. Each gallon of water you put in can clean about 50 square feet so you will have to refill this a few times while you are cleaning. So I am going to take off the bucket and we are going to take this and dump it in our sink or our toilet or it can go into the stand pipe that drains your washing machine. I don’t recommend dumping it into your flower bed just in case the soap will hurt the flowers.