What are Monopodal Orchids?

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Monopodal orchids are some of the largest varieties of orchids. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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The other growth form that we find that is very common is the monopodal's, and it's very different in the catalea type market in that the growth grows up vertically. And all the buds are along that access. The very very interest paten the way the leaves come off. This plant may grow for a number of years, and ultimately may get a growth form of six to seven feet tall. As it gets older however, the branches may begin to develop and we get a growth form in a more mature plant that is rather very spreading, very unique and will give you a large plant as we have here that's not only in flower but if you look around here you'll find there is also buds coming form another growth. So from the multiple stem market like this even though it’s monopodal, you may get buds going on and on for a long period of time.