When to Prune Cedar Hedges

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Cedar hedges should be pruned and thinned out in the early spring to encourage new growth for the following season. Prune cedar hedges just before their summer dormant period with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video series on garden and... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about when to prune cedar hedges. Now cedar hedges make a great barrier or wall in between your home and your neighbor's home and you can prune them pretty much any time of the year but there are certain rules that you can follow that they will appreciate and that will look good for the future. Now the first rule of thumb is in early Spring you want to prune to thin out so that they fill in with the new growth. So you don't want to trim them too much, you just want to trim the top and the insides every third branch out so that they'll grow in lush with new growth and fill in so early Spring is for filling in. Where in the late Spring when they have grown quite a bit they will get tall and kind of lanky and uneven. So late Spring into the early Summer you want to actually trim the for height. So you want to even them out and make them flat because once Summer hits they pretty much go dormant. They don't do a lot of growing in the Summer. So the best time to trim them so that you have that flat top is in the late Spring to early Summer so in the Fall or the Winter is the best time just to cut out all the dead branches or to even it out a while. So the Fall and the Winter is the best time just to cut out any dead branches or damaged branches from any storms and you want to even it out because a lot of times we'll get kind of Medusa type branches coming out from the hedge and really the best time to cut those out is in the Fall or Winter. Then again in the Spring you thin out so that they can get new growth and by just following those simple steps you will have a gorgeous cedar hedge for many years to come.