How to Plant Azaleas

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Plant azaleas in the fall, covering the plant up to the top of the root line and providing lots of full sun, good draining and heavy watering. Use rocks or a raised garden bed to plant azaleas, in order to provide enough drainage, with tips from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to plant Azaleas. Azalea tress or bushes, have been used for centuries. And most of the time, you have seen them in the past in temples, in Japan and China. But they're used in the Western countries just as much. And they're a beautiful, little bush, and they grow a lot like rhododendrons. So they do really well in good mountainous areas, with good drainage. So when you're growing them in your garden, or you're growing them as a plant in a container, there's a few rules that you can follow. So there's a lot of roots usually that come with them. So whether you buy them in a pot, or even try to start them from seed, you'll have lots of roots. And when you plant them, they're like trees in the fact, you don't want to cover the bark with too much soil. So just plant it as deep as the top of the root line, because if you plant it too deep, you might suffocate the tree. They don't want their bark covered in any way. And they're easy to plant, the best time to plant them is probably in the fall, winter, or spring. And you can plant them in the summer as well. But you have to be careful not to let them dry out too much. And you should trim them back at least once a year, at least one third of the size of the plant, and try to even them out a little bit. This is the fall, it's turned the fall colors, and it's not looking that great, but by just trimming it, and making it even, by just taking one third down, it'll be much more lush next spring, and it'll bloom early summer through summer. So Azaleas need a lot of sun. They don't want to be in too much shade. And they don't want to sit in water at all, they drink a lot of water but yet they don't want to sit in water. They like lots of rocks, and they like a lot of good sandy drainage underneath a lot of compost. So if you have clay or really bad soil, just make raised beds above it. At least two or three feet tall, so that you get some drainage, because the easiest way to kill an Azalea is to put it in a real boggy area, because it will kill it right away. Plant them in a sunny spot, and you can enjoy them for years.