How to Choose Old Wood to Make Birdhouses

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I'm Bob Olsen from Expert Village. And I thought I'd talk to you a little bit about old time bird houses and how easy it is to make some of these out of some old wood. And, some woods I got here, that you find them in old barns and what have you. Some is this, and they they're pretty bad shape. But most of these woods are, if they're real old they're put together with square nails. And if you find real old wood that's with square nails you know that it's probably close to a hundred years old. I make bird houses out of these because I think the old wood is quite attractive and I'm going to show you how to use this old wood and make bird houses. I'm going to try to make just a simple bird house not a, not a extravagant one like I got here. I'll show you a little hints how to make it a little bit nicer, and a little bit different than anything else. I've been known to make some very different ones. I make some that looks like they're falling apart and people like them. The, the roofs are caving in, and the chimneys tipped over, the windows, doors, and what have you are crooked and everything else. And, but I enjoy doing it that way, and people enjoy seeing them like that. So this one I'm going to show you how to do. So we'll start out with just pieces of wood just like this, and we'll make a bird house out of it.