Tools for Installing a Sprinkler System

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Hi this is Fernando and we are here with Expert Village and we are going over a sprinkler system and particularly we are going over what tools you need to go ahead and start this process. One of the tools you are going to need is a shovel, a pick, a Axe and these are the necessaries just to start the process as you can see here we are clearing a about a 6 inch clearing to go ahead and allow the pvc piping to lay in. This is a narrower head on the shovel which allows for good access here are actually pvc pipe cutters this is a clamping mechanism so it allows you to get accuracy in cutting. You could also use a knife if you wanted to here you are seeing the pvc pipe with a connector and the actual glue that is use to keep the 2 together. This is a ceiling mechanism to hold the piping together and also to prevent leaks. Next you are seeing the pvc pipe cutter being used on a pvc pipe for accuracy the actually lengths that you need along with a Axe here I'm sorry a pick Axe to clear. A wheelbarrow is always a excellent idea to have and it serves me a purpose for the sod to the dirt to fertilizer and also a handy dandy knife would definitely come in play. Along with the different screwdrivers that you may need to adjust your sprinkler head and this is a long solid pipe that is used for getting the pipe into different areas that we would show later on how to get around certain areas of the concrete and stuff like that, that you may need and also a sod roller which is a excellent way to level the land after you have already racked out the bigger bulk item and lay the top soil.