How to Grow Flowers in a Greenhouse

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Growing flowers in a greenhouse is a great way to save the plants through the winter season, as just an extra layer of plastic draped over the most tender plants can save them. Use a greenhouse to grow a variety of off-season plants with advice from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow flowers in a greenhouse. Now, my flowers, I've got all types, that I've collected from all over the world, into my greenhouse. And it is the end of December, and we've just finished with the worst storm in 40 years. And we've had freezing temperatures for more than two weeks straight. And snow, just tons of snow on the ground. It's been a blast, but I've been so scared that I've lost some of my plants, because my greenhouse is not heated. So when you're growing flowers in a greenhouse, the most important reason you have that greenhouse, is to save your plants from year, to year. So a lot of your tender plants will be saved. So I just covered all of my plants with plastic. And they're in a greenhouse with plastic. And I was just hoping that they would survive, knowing that it was freezing temperatures outside. But not only have they survived, they have thrived, and I am just thrilled to know that the only bulb that I've lost is my Haemanthus, or coccineus Which is a plant from South Africa that can't get cold at all. It just got too wet. Everything else has survived. And I even have some Cyrtanthus, that I got from South Africa, that are almost still blooming. They haven't froze out at all. I'll show you. So these are Cyrtanthus Makani, and they bloom in the winter time. I've got the bulbs from South Africa, and they bloom in the winter months there, so they bloom in the winter months here. But they've been in the greenhouse. They're still thrown off a little bit, because I think they'll still bloom in the summer, eventually outside, but they're not quite winter hearty. And I've just planted them in trays. Now I've got other plants, that I've got right into pots. And this little Elysium, didn't even freeze out in any way. It still has blooms on it, and it was just covered in plastic. Within the greenhouse there's another layer of plastic. I've even got some Heather plants, that still have nice blooms on them. Which they probably would outside anyway, because they can handle really cold temperatures. But I'm just really happy that even my Tritonia, that I thought I might have lost, because I know if they were outside in the ground, they would've, I would've for sure, would've lost them over the winter, because they cannot handle any freeze at all. So you can plant any type of flower in the world, in a greenhouse. You just can't let them get too cold. And you can heat the greenhouse up, which I have not done, because just the expense. And I'm finding that just by putting an extra layer of plastic on them, they're surviving the winter, and they're going to come up, and they're going to bloom beautifully for me next year, and I can sell them at the farmer's markets. So I'm very delighted to find out that you can grow flowers in a greenhouse without heat, and have even the most tender plants in the world survive.