Imperfect Bricks & Building a Barbecue Pit

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Build a backyard barbeque pit, use imperfect bricks to build an outdoor barbeque or grill pit and learn how to hammer them to clean them up in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Mark Sullivan

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Hi, I'm Mark Sullivan and for Expert Village and today we are going to learn how to build a barbeque pit. When some of these are broken like this, what you can do when you are wearing goggles you can just take a hammer and just break this right off and clean these up with a hammer. Okay we have set our first pass on this course. I think it looks like we may need one more over there. But generally what we do when we have gone through one pass of whatever it is we are doing, we just kind of stop and study what we have just done and see what we might do on this at this time.