Dealing with Drift Using a Hose End Law Sprayer

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Dealing with drift when using a hose end lawn sprayer is easy with these tips, get expert advice on lawn care and maintenance in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Even though we have our PPE our personal protective equipment on we need to worry about drift. Because if you are applying a pesticide to your yard and it's going to cross the fence to a neighbors yard into his swimming pool or into his living room. It's not doing what you want it to do you need to put it on the pest so non target applications will blow away and drift that situation high winds like we have today are not a good thing. You're spending your money for nothing if you don't get the effect I'm going to step out here to the wind and I'm going to try to demonstrate how far the wind can blow this spray coming out of this hose. I'm going to turn it down so that it sprays down right now but I think that the camera can pick up how much of it blows away. Because you can see the curve of the spray that is blowing away from us (oops, I got a leak here). Now I'm going to spray up and this spray is going to 50 feet down there so you wouldn't be spraying a tree up in a wind like this today. Non target drift is a serious consideration especially when you're using pesticide in areas where you may have pets or people.