Bamboo Plant Facts

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The two main types of bamboo plants are clumping bamboo, which grows tall very quickly and doesn't get out of control, and running bamboo, which is shorter and tends to take over whole neighborhoods if not kept in check. Discover how lucky bamboo house... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk all about bamboo plant facts. Now bamboo is a mysterious and wonderful plant and it has been so closely related to the history of man. It has been used for centuries for paper, for wood, for housing, for anything you can imagine. But there is a few things that really amaze me about bamboo. First of all bamboo is not a tree it is actually a grass. It is no different than the grass in your lawn. So it grows just like grass and so it needs full sun and good drainage and there is different types of bamboo. There is two major types of bamboo. There is the clumpy bamboo like this agosia and it will get really tall and grow very quickly. The root part does not get out of control. It stays pretty contained so they are great to put right in the ground because they won't take over unlike running bamboo which are usually the shorter variety and they will send runners all over and take over the whole neighborhood so you want to make sure and keep those in a container or keep them anywhere where you can control them because they will take over and you have to be really careful with the running bamboo so when you buy them make sure you know which one you are getting. Then the plant we know most as a bamboo the lucky bamboo is really not a bamboo at all. It is a dracaena it's a house plant so it can grow right in water. It doesn't need to be on soil so you have got to be careful not to put that outside over the Winter because you will lose them in colder climates where bamboo you'll never lose outside in colder climates. So just remember if you have got lucky bamboo it is not really bamboo it's dracaena so keep it in a container indoors or outdoors during the Summer and if you live in a cold climate just bring it in for the Winter. So bamboo is a great plant just remember that there is three basic varieties. There is the shorter running that you keep contained, the larger clumping that you put right into the ground outside and then the lucky bamboo that you want to treat as a house plant and knowing that you can be very successful with bamboo.