Determine the Right Conditions to Grow Orchids Indoors

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What does this all mean to the person who wants to grow orchids at home? Again if the question of adapting yours plants to the condition you have available to them, accepting the fact that you can't grow all the orchids you would like to grow. I have been growing orchids for a number of years and after many many years of collecting plants, I five thousand different kinds. There are some I can't grow simply because I cannot provide the conditions that they require to grow. So the best advice is if you're growing orchids at home is start with orchids which are amenable to the conditions you want to live in and if you start easy like that, you won't be disappointed. The Moth orchid is the family home friendly plant. It has such a diversity of color that it's almost unbelievable the spectrum of colors that one can get from one's hybridizing programs. We even have a few that exhibit fragrance if you know how to buy them and where to select them. This is one of the common orchids because it's so easy to grow in the home and so amenable to the conditions you have around you.