Birdhouse Decorating Tips

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This is Bob Olsen with Expert Village. We've got the chimney on, we've got the roof on, we've tightened it all down, we put a little dressing on the front here to make it kind of neat looking but some of the things you can do to dress up your little birdhouse, and this is a little different type birdhouse here. If you look at it, it's got a chimney on it and it's got some things sticking out here from an old piece of wood and it's got a place for the bird to perch here in the back and I put a little teeny bird here just to show people. This has got two stories in it. There's a floor in here and the birds can go in here or up in here. But what I did, I found an old piece of hard root of an old pine tree and it's like a burl or what have you and it got, it's just, it's just part of this and what I did was take my dorel tool and made a little face on it and then I put it on the side of the birdhouse, just to dress it up and make it look nice. The birds probably don't know the difference but other people that might look at it might say that's pretty neat looking, you know? So I did that to one of my birdhouses and I'll show you some other things that I do to my birdhouses also. We'll take and we'll finish off the front of this here birdhouse, and the side and the chimney and I'll show you how I do that and we'll do that on the next segment and then I'll show you my little trademark that I always use.