How to Make Bob Hunt's Trademark Birdhouse

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This is Bob Olsen with Expert Village. Done burned it, trimmed it up, made it look a little older looking and I have a little trademark that I use all the time on all of my birdhouses. If I like the birdhouse, I'll put my trademark on it. If I don't like it, they won't get my trademark on it and generally I'll tear them all apart and start over again. So what we do is I like to put a birdhouse on my birdhouse. And this seems kind of silly but this is what I do. I get an old piece of wood and you can get any kind of piece of wood that you want to use, anything but iron wood. So get an old piece of wood, let me find a small one here, just an old scrap piece of wood. Okay, this will probably work fine. So we take it on the saw and we're going to make a birdhouse out of this. It doesn't have to be an expert job of it, it can be any type of birdhouse you want to make. Okay, that one isn't very straight so we'll go straighten that up a little bit. Okay, if we want to make a long birdhouse, we could make one like this but we won't do that. We'll make a shorter one. We'll make one similar to this here one. Okay, what we need to do is we drill a little hole in it. We'll come over here, change the drill, we'll drill a hole all the way through this. See we've got a hole in there and it's all the wy through so then we take and drill another hole just down here. Now that little hole, sometimes I've got some little teeny dowels and sometimes they work in there and we'll cut them off and I'll show you, and we'll finish this little birdhouse in a real big hurry. And we'll drived that dowel into that little hole. Okay, that's for the bird to perch on. So then we get another little screw and I like to use a black screw but this one happens to be a copper one, let's see if we can find a black one here, yes, here's a little black one. So what we do now is we've got the screw in there, we'll put a little glue on the backside, now wherever you want to put this birdhouse, it's up to you. I like to just kind of hide them sometimes so I'm going to put this one on the back here. And we can burn this later on. Sometimes you have to go back and go ahead and burn them a little later on. Now see, we've got a little birdhouse on the back of this birdhouse now. And we'll burn it a little later on and finish it up but this is one of my trademarks that I do and I'm going to show you some of the birdhouses that I have that I've done little things to it, but this is basically how we build a real easy birdhouse. You can make them any size that you want, you can taper the roofs, you can put four way roofs on it, just whatever comes in your mind and I think that works out best for everybody, for the birds, for you, for the people that come and see your birdhouses. If it's kind of unique. And I've made jails. I'll show you the jails. And even got poor little hangmen's nooses for the birds.