How to Cut Walls for a Birdhouse

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Okay, I'm Bob Olsen, from Expert Village. I'm going to show you the next segment on which we're going to do on this, this old bird house we're going to make. So we wanted to get a just a piece on the floor. That other piece I cut off, this would make a good floor for it also. So I think we'll go ahead and use that, instead of this great big piece. So this will fit on there like this. And we'll put it together, but we need some side pieces. So we got to find a piece of wood for the side. So we can grab this piece of Cedar and we'll measure how wide this piece has to be and how tall it needs to be, so that one's seven inches and we got just about six and an eighth here. So we'll cut off this piece of wood here to that size. I've got another piece here, that we'll make sure we cut two at the same time. Yep, we can cut them both at the same time. And these should be the side pieces, like this. Okay, now it's just about time to put these parts together. Then we'll put the floor on and stuff. So we'll move over here, and what I like to use is, I have a, a small brad gun. It just shoots real thin brads, you never see them. Well I like to use that because it helps me put it together a little bit easier and also later on I drill it and put screws in, I put wood screws in it or, or grabber screws, and suck it together that way. So if it got a warp in it, it will pull it. And sometimes if you got a, a split like this here one has you can put a little board in back of it, that will be on the inside so you'll never see it. Okay, we'll do this on the next segment, we'll put it together.