How to Cut Wood to Make a Birdhouse

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Okay, I'm Bob Olsen, from Expert Village. And we're going to show you how to put these bird houses together. I like to start with the either the front door or the back of it and cut it out; put it on the saw over here. We'll start out with a piece of wood. You can see how rough it is on this here and you got to watch out for nails too. Excuse me. This one, I don't want to cut it, into that nail cause it will, it will definitely do something to my saw. So we'll take out the old nails. We'll put the board up here on the, see some of these old pieces of wood still got moss and everything on them. And we'll put it up here and that's a big knot right here. So what we want to do is try to get away from that knot as much as possible but use it someplace else. So we'll leave enough board on it so we can, we'll use this piece of wood someplace else. Maybe for the platform for the bird house, or maybe another end to it, or side piece. So we take the piece, I'd already taken this here. We're going to put the angle that I want. So I can lay it up here, turn my saw to the forty-five degree angle, put it up here, and run my saw down, and get the right angle on it. A little bit more, okay. So we got half of the thing cut now. And we’ll turn it over and do the other side the same way. Now we'll, we'll turn the saw to ninety and we'll cut it off. Okay now we've got the two ends. So now we'll go to the next segment. Okay?